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Connected - Highgate, London

Tennis court and Pool house garden
On a Westerly site, in Highate, London, Eleven mature Oak trees were amongst 26 existing trees that meant the back and end gardens have a wooded feel and is partially to fully shaded. 

A tennis court and later Swimming Pool/Gym complex was built in the 1980’s.

Project Brief
To create a garden that create cohesion with the architecture and materials of the house, Pool complex, tennis court and end garden.

A soft garden using planting for foliage and flower colour.
Screening of the large new house on the South side.
Simple, top quality materials.
A large dining/entertaining area.
A family garden with plenty of lawn space.
Develop views within the garden, whilst retaining privacy.
A larger drive/parking area.
A ‘Gentleman’s Garden’  for the end area.
Lighting, irrigation, and drainage.

Designers Interpretation
The starting point was the removal certain of the overcrowded trees, particularly conifers, within the limitations set by an area tree preservation order. This allowed much more light into the garden so that new finer plants could be established.

Practical issues were addressed, i.e. poor lawn drainage.

The pergola is excellent in providing shelter and interest beside the seating area, whilst the views through the pergola create a visual connection between the garden and the Swimming Pool complex. 

The final paving choice was Porphyry split sided paving, with some ‘flame textured’ detailing (See stone schedule). This gave the high quality finish, and slight colour variation that compliments the house architecture.

Focal points were used around the garden as places for the eye to rest and points of interest on the walk around the garden.

The sunken garden area is for ‘entertaining in a green oasis’  and is the focus of the ‘gentleman’s garden’, this is  adjacent to the newly renovated Summerhouse, a fabulous retreat!

Ferns, grasses and bold foliage plants are positioned to be distinct from one another, yet appear complimentary. Semi mature trees were used to create seclusion form the new neighbouring property on the South side.

The scheme has achieved cohesion between house and garden, an important factor due to the impact of the Swimming Pool building and tennis court on the space. There are connections and parallels between shapes, materials and structures.

This is a fabulous and striking garden, complex and difficult to realise, yet that completely fulfils the brief. The clients are delighted. It works as a family garden, whilst creating drama, magic and interest. It has a lovely wooded softness, and yet is contemporary in appearance.


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