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Vertical - Hampstead, London

This garden has just been short-listed in the Society of Garden Designers 2014 Awards!

A south West slope in Hampstead, the project included the front and back gardens, a roof terrace, and pathway on the outside of the property.

The back garden of this property had been dug into a severe slope to make it level, maximising lawn space for the clients young family.

The rear elevation was approx 7m in height. 
The design had to reduce the oppressive feel of the retaining walls.

Design Interpretation
Maximising the available ground area meant the garden being designed vertically. 

Different planes of hard and soft materials were used to connect and disguise boundaries i.e. a curved paddlestone wall. 

Trellis over the foldback doors that runs through two adjacent boundaries, separating layers of planting and living wall. 

A wave of pleached Hornbeam creates a dynamic movement that connects the upper and lower garden. 

The living wall, which echoes the wave pattern.

High planters 3- 5.5M high, partly over the building, allow for layers of planting. 

Three specially chosen bonsai Pinus banksiana, themselves wave shaped, reach into the space creating visual depth without disrupting the play area below.

Further bonsai pines were used, with the same paving, on the roof terrace creating cohesion, further enhanced by the high planters seeming to be on the same level.

The vertical slate waterfall is appreciated from several important outlooks.

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